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Markham Chapel Baptist Church originated, as the story goes, as far back as 1880, with Rev. Cole as Pastor. 

The land for the church was donated by the Charlie Markham family for the purpose of erecting a place of worship for the people that were then in this community, and thus the name Markham Chapel Missionary Baptist Church originated. In January of 1979, the church called Rev. Clyde Williams as Pastor. 

During his time as Pastor, Rev. Williams felt the need to have an assistant to aid him in his various duties, and thus named Rev. Richard S. McMillan as assistant pastor. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Rev. Williams later announced, to his regret and sorrow, that he had to resign as Pastor. The church body was saddened by this news, but somehow felt secure because they knew God had left them in the hands of yet a great leader.

In June 1979, the church named Rev. Richard Scott McMillan as pastor and since that time the "Hand of God" has been moving. The church members have come to know and love Rev. McMillan, not only as a pastor and leader, but also as a friend, a counselor, a teacher and preacher, and we thank God for the Holy Spirit for leading him to us. The old building had more than served its purpose. It stood through the years as a memorial of what our parents had suffered, so devoutly prayed for and through the grace of God received. We believe that it was and still is their prayer and dream that the church that they loved and prayed so diligently for would continue and grow to the glory of God. 

To our forefathers, it was the future; to us their dream is present, for God has so greatly answered their prayers. On October 1, 1989, the old wooden framed of Markham Chapel Baptist Church was torn down. Many hearts were saddened to see the old building demolished, but there was comfort in knowing that God had planned a better building.

Because of the tremendous increase of membership and spiritual growth, in ten short years we outgrew the edifice that was constructed in 1980. Therefore, we were faced with another challenge to build. For the second time, our faith was tested but at a greater depth. We had to relocate for one year, finding a place to worship for 400 people, but again God guided us to safety. Praise be to God for our contractor, L.A. Downey and Sons, our architect, Doug Griffin Associates and the construction superintendent, Skip, who were instrumental in the completion of the new Markham Chapel Missionary Baptist Church. 

Their labor, our faith and prayers erected this sanctuary of prayer where God's people can come from far and near to worship Him in spirit and in truth. The future is the final frontier! Heaven is our final destination! To see Jesus is our goal! Eye hath not seen, nor ear hear, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.
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